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Long Feiyu was overjoyed. He took it with both hands, uncovered it, and put it in his bosom. He said in a low voice, I don't know. The prince of the Three Pagodas Temple promised to send back the jade cup within two months. The old man took it back to Yanjing. Half of the guards were Mou Chengyan's confidants. The old man secretly killed them one by one so as not to leak out. Even the old man's confidants had three people who ordered them to hide carefully and bring back only two people. The prince secretly said that the person who stole the cup had gradually fallen into the ambush, and that the original object would be recovered within three months. If the time limit was exceeded, the old man would be executed immediately, but the prince promised not to leak the news. Mou Chengyan was suspicious of the death of his henchmen, and from time to time asked why the old man did not go to Beijing to pursue the thieves? The old man answered with a sneer I have to arrange my own affairs, and I have to consult you? He only gave up. But it was already evident that he bore a grudge and was constantly observing the old man. As he spoke, he smiled with deep meaning and said, "The young man has done this perfectly. In Jianghu, we only know that the jade cup is on a young man surnamed Li, but we don't know that it is the second young man of the Minister of the Ministry of Personnel. It can be seen that the young man is very popular in the martial arts world. He voluntarily conceals it for the young man. The old man is still worried about the Three Pagodas Temple at that time. There are not a few people who have heard the old man tell the! Just one end. It's already precious. Before we had finished talking, I suddenly heard a report from outside: "Lord Mou has arrived." As soon as Long Fei Zhuang's face changed, he hurriedly said, "Master, quickly take off your bags and go inside to wash." He said a few words in his ear. Li Zhonghua led the first flying step into the back hall, and the dragon also strode out of the hall, laughing "ha ha" in his mouth. I saw Mou Chengyan walking slowly,Flush Retrofit Kit, with a pleasant smile on his face. Long Feiyu knew that he was hypocritical, but if the officialdom was acting, he had to pretend to be true. He laughed and said, "Brother Mou, what's the wind blowing here today?" Mou Chengyan said with a smile, "On the one hand, I want to pay my respects to your excellency,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, and on the other hand, I want to send a letter to your excellency." Long Feiyu saw a touch of mysterious light in his eyes and could not help shaking his chest! Surprised : I dare not, but I don't know what the message is? Mou Xiandi came in person I'm sure it's a big deal. As he spoke, they both went into the hall and sat down. Mou Chengyan said with a faint smile, "Actually, it's nothing. Your Excellency has known for a long time that the man who stole the jade cup is in Zhongzhou." Long Feiyu pretended to be indifferent. "Oh," he said, "This fellow has fallen into the south of Shanxi. He has become a turtle in a jar. He can be caught in the near future. Thank you, Brother Mou, for worrying about Long Mou." Mou Chengyan got a levy! Tao: "I've heard that Li's martial arts are extremely outstanding. If you don't go there in person, it's hard to avoid him."? If your excellency is unwilling to leave Beijing , then the subordinate generation is one line. Long Feiyu said, "No need!"! Ten days later, Longmou flew to go. No good advice this time, Flushometer valve ,stainless steel toilet, it should be foolproof. Mou Chengyan said with a smile, "Then your subordinates will listen respectfully to your excellency." As he said this, the divine light in his eyes burst out. He said, "It's rare for a subordinate to ride a pure sweat horse outside the mansion. It's a thousand-mile journey. Like horse, like master!"! Is the subordinate expected to see him? ?” Long Feiyu couldn't help laughing and said, "Brother Mou has made a mistake this time. This is the second son of Li Shangshu of the Ministry of Personnel. He just practiced his fists and feet for a few days in front of Long Mou. Does Brother Mou still think he is a famous figure in the martial arts world?" Mou Chengyan can not help a sign! Is Dao Shi the second son of Li who killed Duankui's son? ? I saw it twice at the end of the accident. Why haven't you heard adults talk about teaching? Long Feiyu said with a smile, After the incident, the officials were furious. Li Shangshu, who had committed the crime of letting his son do evil, was dismissed from his post and sent to prison. He was afraid that he would not be able to avoid it. How many of Long's heads dared to be implicated? Return from Zhejiang this time Look up to me, the useless master. "Why don't you come out and see me?" Said Mou Chengyan. Before he had finished speaking, Li Zhonghua walked out of the hall slowly and smartly. With a smile on his face, he said, "Lord Mou's style is still the same. He is proud of Wei Tai. The students have accumulated and destroyed their bones. It's only rare to turn around in this life."? I don't want to be blessed. You can meet your excellency again. How fast can you do it? Mou Chengyan's eyes twinkled and he said with a smile, "Mr. Li is easy to say!"! I remember the spring of the year before last when I met my son. At that time, the four princes of the capital were also present, and they talked about martial arts in a vivid way, but Li Gongzi only said a word in silence. Now I think about it. Childe, but he doesn't show his face.
” Li Zhonghualang said with a smile, "The students have only learned a little in front of Lord Long. How can they be elegant?"? Instead of making a fool of yourself It's better to hide your clumsiness. Mou Chengyan shook Bai Dao and said, "Lord Long has the unique knowledge of his family, and all his actions are unprecedented. As the saying goes, there must be a good disciple under an enlightened master. Mou dares to ask his son to give him some advice." Li Zhonghua already knew that he was guessing that he was Li Cizhong, who was broadcasting in Jianghu. He looked frightened and said, "I dare not!"! Lord Mou is a Wulin celebrity. What kind of person is a student? How can you fight with adults? ?” Mou Chengyan could not help saying: "But the Childe looks down on Mou and disdains to give advice?" Li Zhonghua was in great trouble. Long Feiyu was a wise and resourceful man. He predicted things like a God. Knowing Mou Chengyan's intentions, he smiled at Li Zhonghua and said, "Lord Mou has always been forthright and straightforward. He does what he says. His martial arts are only superior to those of the old. Maybe he took the opportunity to point out one or two unique mental skills: Mr. Li, even if you are defeated by Lord Mou, it's not a shameful thing!" As soon as Li Zhonghua changed his mind, he laughed and said, "It's better to obey orders than to be respectful. Lord Mou shows mercy." "Of course," said Mou Chengyan! Mou Chengyan was bold and did not dare to hurt the childe. 。” Li Zhonghua smiled and stepped out of the hall with a sleeve and a robe. He was on an errand and was followed out of the hospital by Cheng Yan and Long Feiyu. The two are five feet apart from each other. Li Zhonghua's right palm is flat and his chest is slightly turned over. Two fingers of his left hand are pointing at the virtual point. This is the "Chaoyue Guiyuan" posture of Taiji Gate. Seeing this, Mou Chengyan exclaimed, Long Feiyu is skilled in Taiji. Could it be that his martial arts skills were really taught by Long Feiyu? Inadvertently, he swung his right hand and said, "Childe, please make a move first." Li Zhonghua gave a sneer in the dark and said, "Yes!" With a very mysterious arc of his right palm, his left finger flew out and hit the "Abdominal Knot" point obliquely. He pointed to a slight sharp roar in the wind, and his action was as quick as lightning. Mou Chengyan couldn't help being taken aback. He didn't expect Li Zhonghua's technique to be so swift and abstruse. At that moment, with a sound of "hum", he divided his palms and deceived himself into a move. A set of "Pipa Sanshou", a unique skill of the Na family,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, came out one after another, with a strong wind in his palms. As soon as Li Zhonghua pointed out the potential, he had already made three moves in a twinkling of an eye. Wu Ba was so strange that he forced Mou Chengyan to fight and eliminate before he could avoid it. cnkexin.com


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