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"Hey, can we walk a little slower? I'm so scared." Yunman lowered his voice and said softly. Unable Qin Tian's answer is very simple, there is no feeling of pity, for this cloud man beep Yin Tao small mouth, mercilessly stared at Qin Tian, feel very aggrieved. Whew.. There was a rough gasp, followed by a few screams. As soon as Qin Tian's eyes changed, he stopped moving forward. He listened and said to Yunman, "Stay close to me. Don't lose it." "Hey, what are you doing?" Cloud man words have not finished, Qin Tian rushed out, in the forest like a cheetah, instantly jumped out, rise and fall to. Cloud man directly dumbfounded, two big eyes immediately tearful, mercilessly stamped the next bound feet, looked around the black, frightened immediately toward the direction of Qin Tian. Qin Tian's speed did not mention too fast, the people who can enter the hunting ground have reached the fifth rank of the warrior, he believes that Yunman can easily catch up with him. It's easy, and it takes a little time. But Qin Tian did not expect that the clouds would catch up with him in a few breaths, and that her pace would be extremely gorgeous and light, just like a fairy coming down to earth and stepping on the clouds. Hum, what are you looking at. Qin Tian felt a slight shock in his heart and secretly said, "Little girl,38 tube fitting, your strength is not bad." ———————————— The fierce king tiger, the second order monster, is ten feet long, with fiery lines all over his body. His strength is terrible. The tiger skin on his body is harder than steel. The only way to kill him is to hit him in the head. But it's so fast that it's hard to hit. Qinshan, Qinniu and Qinhu surrounded it in the shape of a Chinese character. At this time, the fierce king tiger was already blind in one eye and at the end of the road. The faces of the three of them were filled with joy. Qin Niu giggled and said, "So much for a monster of the second order." "Ha ha, just." "Brother Shan, a second order monster accumulates 5 points. How can we divide the three of us?" "Divide what? Kill it first." "That's right." Suddenly three people launched an attack at the same time,brass tube fitting, but the attack is not as fierce as just now, hiding in the dark Qin Tian saw through at a glance, they are retaining strength, mutual distrust. It's only a matter of time before they kill each other. Daniel, why don't you exert yourself? You can't exert three layers of strength. What on earth do you want to do? "Mother, don't just talk about me, the mountain is not the same." "Ow.." With a roar, the fierce king tiger raised his head to the sky and scratched the ground fiercely. He swooped toward Qin Hu. Qin Hu's face changed greatly and he shouted, "Help me.." At this time, Qin Shan, Qin Niu two people's faces show a gloomy sneer, save you? Dream on. Puff.. The fierce king tiger bit off Qin Hu's neck and blood spattered everywhere. Daniel, two points for me and three points for you. Kill it. "Ha ha, all right." Qin Niu's Qigong was full, and ten layers of strength burst out. His fists, like a mountain, hit the head of the fierce king tiger heavily. The fierce king tiger was overturned in an instant and fell to the ground to survive. Ha-ha, 14 needle valve ,14 tube fitting, Daniel, the ten layers of strength are really powerful. Qin Shan put his hands behind his back and walked slowly up to Qin Niu. In the dark, Qin Tian smiled coldly and said to himself, "I'm really greedy." As soon as Qin Shan approached, his hands were suddenly pushed out, and an overbearing Qigong burst out. Qin Niu smiled coldly and said, "You're far from it." When Qinshan approached, he carried out Qigong and prepared to kill with one blow. Fists and palms intersect, two people retreat at the same time, the blood of the shock rolls, two streams of blood rush out of the mouth. Ha-ha "It's wonderful." Chapter 13, I was scared to faint. "It's wonderful." A man came out from behind a big tree, clapping his hands and sneering, his eyes full of disdain. Qin Yang, the only son of Qin Kuang, one of the eight elders of the Qin family, is eighteen years old. He is a warrior of the seventh rank. He is one of the contenders in the autumn competition. He looks harmless to people and animals, but in fact he is insidious and resourceful. He often borrows a knife to kill people and is highly valued by the elders.
"What do you want to do, Qin Yang?" Qin Shan one hand to protect the chest, one hand to support the ground, slowly stood up, looking at Qin Yang, his heart rose a trace of fear. About Qin Yang's deeds he more or less understand, mantis catch cicada, yellow sparrow in the back, is just one of his usual strategies, but did not expect this time will be his turn. At this time, Qin Niu coughed a few times, stood up with difficulty, secretly condensed Qigong, ready to go. You'd better save it. Look at you now. Do you think you will be my opponent? Ha-ha Qin Yang walked to the edge of the body of the fierce king tiger, looked at the fire tiger who was still panting, and smiled coldly: "I took the five points." With that, he pulled out the steel broadsword behind him and cut it down. Lifting the head of the fierce king tiger smiled, then took out the space wooden sign, the idea moved, the head of the fierce king tiger disappeared. The space wooden sign is the most rough storage space in Tianyuan Mainland. The space is very narrow and the workmanship is very rough. It can be used by anyone without blood. Each disciple who enters the autumn competition will get one, which is convenient to store the head of the monster. The second is easy to fight for. As long as you kill each other and take away the space wooden card, everything in the wooden card will be another person's. The space wooden sign is not numbered or signed, so there is no need to worry about outsiders seeking revenge. Qinshan, Qin Niu straight Leng looked at Qin Yang harvest five points, a little strength did not come out, with the inspection, the heart suddenly secretly angry, blame themselves too greedy. Qin Yang did not leave in a hurry after harvesting five points. Instead, he walked toward Qinshan. His face showed a smile like death. "The Qin family doesn't need waste," he said. Qin Yang, what do you want to do? Aren't you afraid. Words have not finished, Qin Yang horizontal knife a wave, the blade with a strong Qigong directly cut off the head of Qinshan. After killing Qin Shan, he turned to look at Qin Niu. At this time, Qin Niu ran around like crazy. He was only a warrior of the fifth rank, and he was seriously injured. How could he be Qin Yang's opponent? "Please, let me go once,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, as long as you let me go, I will quit this competition immediately, please.." "Beg me?"? Ha-ha "You're not even qualified to beg me." 。


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